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How to Support Parents at Work

Parents at Work

Written In Partnership with Bright + Early and The Parenting Playbook team*


You’re likely already employing parents. Millennials are now in the 22-36 age range, and while it is true that many are delaying parenthood, these remain the most common years to start a family. Good policies will enable you to retain top performers through this life phase. Parents are skilled prioritizers, and many of them claim to be even more productive in their work than they were prior to parenthood. Supporting parents doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and great policies can help you stand out from the pack as an employer of choice. The Parenting Playbook is a non-profit project dedicated to educating companies on supporting parents in the workplace. They have created two comprehensive guides to creating these perks and policies, available below.

The Expecting Playbook

The first step is to define your parental leave policy. Will you adhere to the government minimum standard, or provide a top up? How much will it cost you? The Expecting Playbook is a project outlining everything you need to know about Parental Leave in Ontario, including sample policies and their costs. Get the playbook here.

The Parenting Playbook

Parenting doesn’t stop at the end of a parental leave, and neither should your support. Flexibility, kid-friendly events, and amenities like a pumping room are key to making your workplace a haven for the parents on your team. The Parenting Playbook is your guide to parent-friendly workplaces, with plenty of sample policies and cost-free ideas. Download it here.

Crescendo is proud to partner with Bright + Early as part of the Guide to Getting Started With D&I. They are a modern HR consultancy on a mission to craft the world’s best workplaces. They partner with early to mid-stage companies who need to scale fast but stay friendly. No HR in place? Don’t know where to start? No problem.

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