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29 D&I Measurement Tools and Technologies

So, you’ve decided to embark on the journey of creating a diverse and inclusive organization - but where do you start? Knowing which strategies to implement can be daunting, as can figuring which organizational actions will be or have been effective. At the same time, how do you create an approach that is specifically and uniquely tailored to your organization?

To help answer some of these questions, we have compiled a list of measurement tools that can help in various areas of your particular diversity and inclusion program.

Below, you will find a list of tools available that aid in your diversity and inclusion analysis and monitoring relating to the following areas:

To find out more about the options available to you and what these tools do, read on below.

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Talent Acquisition

Atipica's platform assists in retaining and measuring data relating to diversity and inclusion in your organization. It also creates personalized recommendations for further advancement, and offers the ability to reach out to candidates from underrepresented groups.

Bunch's model assists in matching potential employees to workplaces and ensuring they will be a good fit based on their prior work experience, qualifications, and the words they use. The technology uses Slack messages, Linkedin profiles and glassdoor reviews, among other data.

Entelo Diversity helps recruiters to find and acquire diverse talent which offers the ability to anonymize various aspects of candidate resumes, including gender, name, age, educational background, employment gaps, and many more. Entelo seeks to match talented candidates and promote a diverse and inclusive workplace while removing the potential for hiring bias in order to help your company succeed.

Fortay uses predictive technology for screening and analysis in order to incorporate diversity when scaling. It focuses on aligning candidates values with companies in order to foster healthy workplace environment. It also works to assess employee engagement and diversity and inclusion within your organization.

Using AI and social web data to match diverse candidates to open positions. HiringSolved generates comprehensive results in your search as it accesses a huge candidate pool and offers the option to do a  diversity-specific search as well.

Ideal goes through candidate resumes quickly to see who is a fit for your open positions. It also has a chatbot that further screens candidates and allows for the ability to reach out to candidates within your own personalized database, removing the potential for bias and making for a streamlined process.

Jenna AI

This tool recommends job descriptions that promote more diversity and inclusivity in the candidate pool, and relies on artificial intelligence to screen candidates based on their suitability to open positions in your organization. It also relies upon data to assess interviews. This can help remove bias from the hiring process.

Linkedin provides the ability to provide statistics and analysis of gender representation in specific roles and comprehensively in the organization itself. With tools such as tracking which candidates are being sought after by recruiters (based on gender), Linkedin can help close the gender gap in your organization by creating awareness around where disparity exists. Users can also set out goals using the Linkedin Talent Insights, and make use of talent pool reports.

Pymetrics seeks to remove bias from the hiring process and innovates the way organizations source and choose candidates. Its platform relies on neuroscience and AI and matches candidates by using games in order to better understand candidate qualities and their potential for success in your organization.

Taprecruit helps to encourage diversity and inclusion right at the outset by relying on language data and analysis to create occupation descriptions for diverse candidate sourcing. The platform follows up in the process by tracking the diversity of the applicant pool.

Relying on AI, crowdsourcing, and advertisement, Visage seeks to incorporate diversity from the outset by attracting diverse candidates from the beginning.

Performance Management

Globoforce utilizes diversity and inclusion monitoring and generates personalized recommendations based on data to avoid unconscious bias, and works to create better understanding of employees by tracking their experience, team interactions, and more.

Pipeline points out existing gender gaps and generates suggestions relating to hiring, wages, performance, and promotions relating to gender equality. Its thorough platform also creates predictions and analysis relating to diversity and inclusion strategy, and monetary outcomes.

Zugata seeks to better employee as well as overall organization by helping employees through measurement and prevention of unconscious bias, effective feedback, personalized paths, improving communication between management and employees, and helping employees to see their own value within your company. There is also the ability for management to recognize employee achievement through Public Praise.

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Leadership Development

ADP relies on analytics to measure and highlight the potential for wage gaps in your organization. It also provides management software for a variety of functions such as HR services, recruitment, benefits, and more.

This communication platform uses people analytics to track the skills of those in management positions in order to accurately understand their skillset. It seeks to facilitate management improvement through private feedback to help leaders work towards more diversity and inclusion without the need for employee feedback and therefore can help to remove the potential for uncomfortable situations.

Diversity Dashboard
This project management software tool helps to track and measure effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives, and has the capability to track diversity events (both internal and external) such as ERG meetings along with outreach activities among many others. It assists in these activities in a comprehensive manner by not only helping to schedule, but by helping with organizational budgeting, planning, and follow-up reporting.

Diverst's platform tracks and manages ERGs, and prioritizes engagement of diverse employees while prioritizing ROI campaigns. Diverst also monitors diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Envisia Learning
This tool helps to improve leadership skills by utilizing neuroscience to track data and analyze what Envisia sees as the core tenets of strong teams: psychological safety, interpersonal trust, and emotional awareness. It provides ROI measurement, surveys, self as well as team assessments, and feedback. It suggests personalized solutions for individuals, the team, and your overall company.

Mesh Diversity Inc. (formerly Enkidu)
This software tangibly tracks and monitors diversity and inclusion within your organization, while pointing out behaviour that either furthers this goal or impedes it. It seeks to create awareness relating to power dynamics and how they necessarily impact diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

SAP SucessFactors
This uses diversity and inclusion analysis and monitoring in order to understand where bias is at play in relation to job descriptions, salaries, performance scores, while also anonymizing aspects of performance assessment in order to remove the potential for bias. The platform also provides the ability to ensure mentors possess the necessary skills rather than relying on biased perception related to factors such as educational background. It also provides overall analysis of diversity and inclusion in the organization, predicts trends, and compares your organization’s diversity and inclusion levels to other companies within the field.

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Workplace Culture

Ouroffice Inc.
OurOffice enables organizations to get better results faster by integrating the key elements needed for improving D&I in one software platform. Their key modules provide capabilities for D&I planning and actions, comprehensive analytics with benchmarks, toolkit of best practices and resources, and storytelling.

OrgAnalytix measures inclusion by using data insights to generate reports and analysis to suggest a suited path for your organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy.


TrustSphere uses “people analytics,” relying on data to support the HR function at your organization to empower employees and benefit the business. It analyzes digital communications within the organization and creates observations relating to leadership, power dynamics, and measuring diversity and inclusion, among other areas.

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Pluto aims to support a diverse and inclusive workplace and includes assessments, data analysis and reporting, and personalized diversity and inclusion plans. Individuals within the organization can anonymously report on workplace issues relating to discrimination among other issues. It also engages employees by allowing them to anonymously suggest, vote, or provide feedback on current initiatives. It also tracks data relating to these areas.

Qlearsite utilizes diversity and inclusion surveys to measure employee experience, diversity and inclusion in order to analyze and provide a better understanding of which action should be taken.

This platform gathers employee feedback and measures their engagement to determine perspectives and effectiveness relating to diversity and inclusion strategies that have currently been implemented. It also enables anonymous dialogue in order to gather real insights.

This platform uses diversity and inclusion monitoring and tracking to generate dashboards that allow those in leadership roles to have an understanding of the health of diversity and inclusion efforts at their organization. It also provides predictions and recommendations for where new strategies should be focused.

We hope that this article has helped to give a better idea of how you can utilize various technologies to suit your needs in your diversity and inclusion strategy for the benefit of your organization.

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