Behaviour Change Platform for D&I

Crescendo's Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Our purpose as an organization is to help companies create more inclusive cultures, and we want to lead by example.

Creating an inclusive workplace isn’t easy. Each person on the team needs to care about it and be willing to commit to it. To help us along this journey we’ve created this guide.

Company values:

We have established a clear value system for our company from the start and use it as a guide for when we make any big decisions, in our hiring process, in our vendor selection, and more. Here are our values:

  1. Honesty - Raise issues earlier rather than later. Things happen and that's okay. We can get through challenges if we work through it together and have open dialogue.

  2. Open-Mindedness - Actively seek to understand diverse perspectives in all areas of your work. Give and receive feedback often.

  3. Trust - Trust that your team believes in you, values the work that you do, and wants you to succeed because we are all working towards the same mission.

  4. Empathy - Foster a feeling of belonging and understanding for our teammates, community members, and our users.

  5. Learning - Always be learning, and make the effort to share your new skills and perspectives with your teammates.


  1. We ensure our job postings use inclusive language and focus on the skill requirements of the role, rather than on specific degrees/years of experience which are often unnecessary barriers for applying. See an example of our job postings here.

  2. We ensure that we are sharing these job postings in a wide range of communities and networks. We want to avoid the bias of only hiring from our immediate network and focus on meeting people where they are at so they are aware of our job opportunities.

  3. We use a consistent value-based hiring process and quantitative scorecard to evaluate all job applicants. We’re happy to share this with anyone who is interested!

Inclusion Initiatives:

  1. We've made a conscious effort to display our pronouns alongside our names when identifying ourselves online. (eg: email signature, LinkedIn bio, Twitter bio, etc...) This helps contribute to an environment where pronouns are not assumed, creating a safer space for trans and gender nonconforming people.

  2. We have an alcohol-free workspace during regular business hours, and if there are events hosted in the space at night we ensure there are non-alcoholic beverages available.

  3. We practice Radical Candor, giving and receiving feedback openly and often. We have a formal time designated to feedback between folks on the same team on a weekly basis.

  4. We are remote-friendly and support flexible working hours; we understand that everyone’s needs may differ, and our structure and schedule lets everyone work when and where suits them best.

Community Support:

  1. We support organizations and events doing D&I work well by helping raise awareness for their work, promoting their work & events to our network, and making small financial contributions when feasible. We place a priority on ones led by people from underrepresented groups. (eg: Bridge Builders, Next Gen Men, and Women and Colour.)

  2. We support large-scale event inclusion initiatives that aim to increase access for people from underrepresented communities. (eg: Startupfest, SAAS NORTH, SAAS-E[quality])

  3. We support industry research and change initiatives aimed at making the tech sector more diverse and inclusive. (eg: MaRS Discovery District Tech for All Study and Mercer's D&I Technology Report)

  4. We have donated 1% of the company to charity via the Upside Foundation, which enable early stage and high growth companies to give back by donating equity to charity.

Free Community Resource/Templates:

  1. We are in the process of creating a vendor selection policy related to diversity and inclusion and will publish this once it is complete so others can use it as a template.

  2. We have aggregated a large amount of D&I resources and strategies and organized them for people in the community to easily access (you can see the list here).

  3. When we attend events that may be valuable to our community, we type up our learnings to share with everyone. (eg: Behavioural Approach to Diversity Conference)

Remote Working Inclusivity

  1. Everyone on the team has 1 20-minute sync with each other on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. These are not necessarily work related and are intended for people to get to know each other on a more personal level.

  2. We have a video call stand-up at 9:30am every day to ensure that we all get some facetime with each other, and are able to hear about the work others in the company are doing.

  3. When we are in meetings and one or more people are remote, we all go onto the video call to ensure the experience is the same for all people involved.

  4. We recount fun office stories across offices to ensure everyone understands different contexts of our culture and that no one is left out of inside-Crescendo-jokes.

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Crescendo is the diversity education app for Slack and we’re on a mission to help companies create more inclusive workplaces. You can learn more here!


Stefan Kollenberg