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Scale Your D&I Program Globally.

Diversity & inclusion doesn't stop at your country borders.

So neither should your D&I programming. We've expanded our D&I Guide with seven brand new articles, and this section on scaling shares how you can keep up with your company's hyper-growth and international expansion.

  • How to engage middle managers in your D&I program

  • How to manage D&I metrics as you scale

  • An overview of 9 cultural differences across the world

  • How to influence stakeholders without formal power

  • How to evaluate D&I education technology

  • and so much more.

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Daniel Tuba D'Souza

Co-Founder & CEO of Crescendo

“Traditionally, DEI has been thought as a separate function under compliance or HR.

But in today's rapidly globalizing world, the secret to success is integrating it into the way we build, design, market, and sell products to a global audience.”