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SweetIQ Case Study

CASE STUDY : Elevating Inclusion at SweetIQ

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Chatting with Crescendo, Erika explained the broad impact Crescendo having on SweetIQ, far beyond simple D&I education.

Erika Leblanc is a software developer at SweetIQ and co-founder of EmpowerIQ, a working group for diversity and inclusion initiatives at SweetIQ.

Her work focuses on internal events and initiatives, including rolling out Crescendo, plus external community-based projects.



SweetIQ wants to focus on diversifying their team so we have diverse perspectives in order to create innovative products for customers.

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Before Crescendo:

  • Small group of employees passionate about D&I

  • They were raising concerns of lack of D&I commitment

  • No internal discussions about D&I

  • Employees weren’t finding value in the offered D&I training

After Using Crescendo:

  • People report feeling more comfortable talking about their genuine feelings at work

  • Departments have more cross-departmental communication, leading to better innovation

  • Employees report having more trust in one another, leading to a more engaged and innovative workplace

After working with SweetIQ, they received the following results.


Users have also increased their frequency by 3X to 4X since launch in January and are indicating they are learning something new from Crescendo.

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SweetIQ is growing at a very quick pace. In any fast-growing organization, and specifically in tech, there can be a lot of challenges with clashing personalities. So it felt like a good time to focus on diversifying our team so we have diverse perspectives in order to create innovative products for customers.

The company never had any diversity and inclusion training except for one video training through our parent company. It was optional to watch, and I think a lot of people opted to not watch it because it was a bit cumbersome in terms of how it was delivered - one 45 minute video with some cheesy acting. It had good content, but I think the way it was presented wasn’t engaging or effective since people had a difficult time accessing it.

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Initially, Crescendo appealed to me as an integrated training platform that people might actually use because it’s in their daily flow on Slack. But it’s gone far beyond that, empowering us to have actual discussions and make actual changes in the workplace.

Crescendo allowed us to spark discussion and create a space for people to talk about how they feel in the work environment. It became a tool that, for us, sparked discussions that were really important to have and created the space to tackle issues based on those discussions.

We recently had a lunch and learn, for example, on domestic violence and tech. Just having Crescendo expanded our repertoire of meeting up and talking about topics like this in general because of the knowledge sharing. It’s also helped us tackle underlying conflicts that existed, or discussions that needed to be had around D&I and our values, because it offered us the space to start that discussion.

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Crescendo offered us not just for personal education but also knowledge sharing through the platform. It helped to create spaces where people feel safe having discussions they didn’t even know they needed or wanted to have around diversity and inclusion.

People are now talking to each other - from other departments that had never talked to one another - about really intimate stuff that affects them.

  • I don’t think those discussions would have ever happened if we didn’t bring Crescendo in to create that environment.

  • For example, we had one person participating in the pilot and I wasn’t sure how they were going to react to the material or whether they would not engage. They actually ended up sharing an article they found interesting from their Crescendo feed on Slack and saying they felt like an article they saw from Crescendo was really relevant to a different business conversation we were having.

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Based on the success of the pilot, SweetIQ plans to further integrate Crescendo training into their diversity and inclusion initiatives to keep the conversation going. They are also planning to expand Crescendo to their entire team, maximizing the benefits they saw with the knowledge and space Crescendo created in their work environment.

Create space in your work environment to have meaningful conversations, increase empathy, and build innovative workforces with Crescendo. Reach out for more information.

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