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Meet Team Crescendo

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Why We Started This

We believe in a world where our differences allow us to thrive. Everyone should be able to be their whole self at work and succeed because of it.

Since day one, inclusion and diversity have been at the core of who we are as a team and as a company.

Our mission is to transform the workplace by helping people understand and embrace new perspectives. When we recognize the strength in our differences, amazing things happen.


Our Team


Our Values

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We believe the best companies do well by doing good. We strive for positive impact, and do our diligence to reduce bias in our processes wherever possible, from the way we hire to the way we build and sell our product.


At Crescendo, every individual matters. We value the unique perspectives each team member brings, and we make an effort to approach discussions with humility and empathy.

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Innovation doesn’t happen in an echo chamber. We recognize the strength in our differences and make a commitment to bringing new and different voices to the table. Crescendo is a platform through which to make an impact on the world, and we believe that impact is strongest when diverse voices weigh in.


Change doesn’t wait for perfection. Startup culture is full of big dreams and promises, but to get there we need to take a series of small steps. At Crescendo we start small, embrace feedback, and iterate often. Forget “build fast and break things,” bring on the cupcakes!

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True impact requires boldness. Big movements require the bravery to do things no one else would dare attempt. We dare to set the trends and lead the way for change.


Does this sound like a team you want to be a part of? We’re always looking for passionate changemakers to join Team Crescendo. Send us a message at