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SAAS-E[quality] Unconference

Announcing the Crescendo x SAAS-E[quality] Initiative

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with SAAS-E[quality] to send one person to the conference and be a part of the #solveathon.

SAAS-E[quality] is a one-day pop-up unconference happening in Toronto on December 3rd, 2018. The conference is designed to advance equality in the SAAS ecosystem.

The event will host uplifting, engaging, and provocative dialogue in an inclusive format in order to produce strategic and actionable ideas for progress.

What is a #solveathon?

A #solveathon is a fast, collaborative, strategic-design process put together to advance equality in the SAAS ecosystem.

SAAS-E[quality] has streamlined a complex, 5-step sequential strategic process. The participants will experience a simple, fast and collaborative process and produce data that is rich, insightful and nuanced. The solutions designed during this process will be uplifting and actionable.

Crescendo x SAAS-E[quality] Initiative Details:

We are giving away a ticket to anyone who has an opinion on how we can create more equality in the SAAS ecosystem. You just need to apply below and tell us why you should be sent to SAAS-E[quality].

We encourage anyone who feels that they have ideas to make SAAS ecosystem more inclusive to apply for a ticket today through the Crescendo x SAAS-E[quality] initiative.

Fill out the form by November 22nd, 2018 and we will announce the winner on the 23rd!

Apply Here

We are excited to be able to support initiatives such as SAAS-E[quality] because we believe that this will lead to creating not just an inclusive SAAS ecosystem but also make tech more inclusive in the process. We hope that through contests like these, we can further our mission to help facilitate the creation and maintenance of more inclusive initiatives.