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Building Successful SaaS Operations for Growing Companies - A SAAS NORTH Panel Summary

This was one of the best panels from SAAS NORTH Conference. There were lots of great takeaways for HR managers at rapidly growing companies. The folks on the panel were:

Throughout the panel they discussed these topics:

  • HR is shifting away from a traditional approach, to people and talent roles

  • The market for talent has become very competitive + how to react

  • HR has a huge impact on a business’ profits

  • Deep dive into talent acquisition strategies

We summarized the talk into simple bullet-point form below. Enjoy!

HR is shifting away from a traditional approach, to people and talent roles.

  • This new approach is focused on people and is employee-centric

  • It is now a strategic partner of the business rather than a mere facet of it

The market for talent has become very competitive

  • This is due to organic growth and the number of companies moving into the market

  • These factors combine to make acquiring the right talent more difficult

  • This environment demands the need to take a hard look at strategic hiring

  • It also means properly identifying the right talent needed for your company


What should HR do outside of maximizing profit?

  • Figuring out the employee value proposition is imperative

  • This requires a strong consideration of your compensation philosophy

  • It is predicated on understanding people

  • Understand what they care about, and meet them where they are

  • Invest in the function of HR, including operational foundations

  • Do not simply assume a person in the role will suffice

Strategies to Acquire Top-Tier Talent

On Referrals

  • The option to hire others through referrals exists

  • This may in turn lead to company pride and strong workplace culture

  • On the other hand, this can lead to a homogenized workplace which lacks diversity

Values-Driven Process

  • Ensure that values are aligned between the company and potential hirees

  • Developing tests for the aptitudes and qualities you seek to discern beliefs, attitudes, and actions

  • Avoid deciding on resumes alone, as this is not holistic enough to understand applicants

  • Qualities like passion and the desire to learn, and motivation are important here

Ongoing Commitment

  • Understand that recruitment is about creating and fostering relationships

  • Meet-ups and coding bootcamps play a significant role

  • Consider which qualities you want to see in employees and how to promote them in your organization

  • Business consideration of customer acquisition and retention exists

  • This also must be considered in relation to employee retention

  • Investment in employee retention will pay off in the long run

  • Avoid vague promises of how individuals “will grow” in your company

  • A clear, structured plan ensures both you and employees are on the same page

  • This process should be revisited at regular intervals, rather than only annually


Career Progression

  • Do not conflate career progression with compensation. These do not always correlate.

  • Promote a culture that focuses on what each individual can do over the next 5 years to grow in the best way, rather than being hung up on titles

  • Draw on knowledge of experienced peers e.g. senior leaders

  • Support employees in their roles by helping them be their most successful

  • This means investing time, resources, and building a strong workplace culture

  • Career development is co-created

  • Help remove obstacles from employee flourishing and development

  • Understand employees’ strengths and how to build on those qualities


  • Do not assume that progression towards management is necessarily suitable for any experienced individual in your organization

  • A great developer does not always equate to a great manager

  • Ensure you are supporting management roles by training to the right individuals

  • Be clear about what is expected of those in management roles

  • Managers must have the appropriate qualities rather than simply experience or talent

  • For example, are they able to discuss compensation? Can they provide effective constructive feedback?

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