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Product Spotlight: Advanced User Scheduling & Profile Control!

We are happy to announce that we have rolled out significant updates to Crescendo!

Over the past months, our team has been working on creating improvements for an even better Crescendo experience.

New/Improved Features:

  • More control over your Crescendo Moment delivery schedule

  • Global time zone support

  • New topics in the learning library

Crescendo now takes your Slack time zone into consideration and users are able to personalize when they want to receive Crescendo Moments for their specific time zone (welcome, global friends!).

Previously, we sent Crescendo Moments on Tuesdays and reminded you of them on Thursday.

Crescendo Moments time personalization Screen Shot.png

With the new update, you can choose your day of the week, as well as the time down to the half hour.

New users will be shown this option during the on-boarding process, while existing users can use the /crescendo slash command to change their time and date at any time.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 10.17.48 AM.png

Crescendo is always looking for ways to enhance your D&I learning experience, and so, we’re adding new topics to our learning library!

Users will be encouraged to choose topics they are most interested to learn about, and we will do our best to show content most relevant to you. Let us know what topics you would be interested in.

New users who join Crescendo will be able to see these topics during their on boarding process, and existing users will be able to use the /crescendo slash command to request their topics.

We are happy to bring you a faster, more reliable Crescendo with this release. We'd love to hear your feedback - contact us anytime at, or at @CrescendoWork on Twitter and Instagram!

Palak Hotchandani